Your Path to Possibilities

Life Reimagined → Brand, Platform + Native Web, Mobile, Tablet Apps (2013)

A platform for What's Next — In service of AARP's mission to enhance the quality of life for all, Life Reimagined exists for those who intend to have their second half not be defined by riding into the sunset but seek a life and career with genuine authenticity and purpose and service. Life Reimagined gives people the tools and support they need for navigating what's next.

The Brand Idea

If AARP is your "ally for life's possibilities", then Life Reimagined makes possibilities personal, so You can make them real. The elevator pitch is that Life Reimagined lets you identify what you like most and what you do best so that you can see all the possibilities in front of you. Then it guides you in choosing the ones you want to make real.

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Visual Brand Expression

Images have the power to simplify life's complexity through metaphor. We can add a touch of fun and lightness and establish a tone of optimism. We strive to capture the full range of human expression through our illustrations to connect with people of all different backgrounds. We don't limit ourselves to one specific illustration style but rather convey our positive outlook through various styles united by a common spirit.

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Product & Platform

To meet the needs of our purpose-seekers, we identified the foundational and necessary amount of proven or peer-reviewed materials to build out our IP and platform. For the experience, a low barrier for entry with a healthy re-engagement model was critical in keeping users attached and realizing the platform's potential through incremental value exchange.

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Step 1 — Imagine Possibilities

Every journey begins with a first step. The platform journey begins with Calling Cards — a proven way to help you focus on what matters the most.

Explore your Purpose: Gifts + Passions + Impact + Values — By helping you identify your Gifts + Passions + Impact + Values, we can begin to explore your What If's. A collection of interactive guided tools enables you to explore possibilities, get unstuck, and prioritize things.

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Step 2 — Drafting a Purpose Statement

When you have sorted and prioritized your Gifts + Passions + Impact + Values, this will formulate your Purpose Statement — a constitution of sorts for your own personal operating system. LifeMap is the culmination of your exploration work and lets you attach personal inspiration and reminders and keep a journal of your progress.

Step 3 — Setting your Goals

To help make the next steps more realistic and tangible, you can outline and create Goals and break down bigger goals into smaller steps.

Taking Action: Identifying Obstacles

By being more aware of and understanding any obstacles, you can outline strategies for overcoming them when they eventually appear.

Breaking it Down: Obstacle, Actions, and Specific Solutions

By taking inventory of present obstacles, you can outline concrete strategies and actions to overcome them by having specific solutions in mind. Some obstacles will take time to work on, and some are as simple as just being more aware and mindful.

Adding Solutions

Define and keep track solutions to the obstacles you have outlined.

Adding Actions

Commit to taking action on your solutions.

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Animation Studies

Using color and an element of surprise to add little moments of joy.

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Defining Your Support System

Life Reimagined's paid service gives you access to a network of certified coaches, therapists, and events. Coaches and therapists help you stay the course by keeping you accountable, providing support, and troubleshooting when you get stuck. Nationwide Life Reimagined events provide activities, workshops and talks, and opportunities to connect with others.

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Workshops & Live Events

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Life Reimagined makes possibilities real.

Outline — Life Reimagined is a platform that lets you reconnect with your true self and establish a foundation and support system for what's next. We developed a multitude of IP – both by licensing and combining existing, proven IP with our own new and original IP – to form enough of a foundation and framework for doing deep reflection, exploration and goal-setting work.

We created a brand representing ideas, hope, and possibilities and brought it to life in words, images, tools, micro-interactions, events, and coach personalities.

The tools help you get started by providing a minimal barrier to entry. Simple card-sorting, priority-ordering, and yes/no metaphors establish the experience strategy. By rapidly paying off with small, incremental insights, we guide you towards creating a much more profound big-picture understanding of what's next that you can then work with someone to realize.

Background — A fundamental change is underway where the needs of our elders are changing. Technology has disrupted all industries one way or another and brought viable alternative solutions to traditional labor. As a result, the aging worker has emerged as a still-capable and productive member of society. Many retirees don't want to retire and have no immediate need for discounts and insurance. To service this constituency, Life Reimagined was born.

Challenges — People get caught in the endless DIY spiral of self-help material and engage in counter-productive work, and often lack a deeper connection to who they are. They will try almost anything not to feel stuck. To meet the needs of these purpose-seekers, we had to identify the necessary amount of proven and peer-reviewed materials to build a foundation with and create a platform that had a low barrier for participation, healthy re-engagement model, and with enough depth to grow the value-exchange over time.


Agency: R/GA, SYPartners

Role: Product Design Director, Creative Director



Product Design

Global Design Systems & Prototyping

Experience Strategy

Brand Design

Creative Direction


Richard Smith, Aliya Baptista, Paul Malmont, George Bennett, Christian Butte, Van Rais, Thomas Bossert, David Decheser, Kim Granlund

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