AI Powered Disease Detection

Eko → UX Design & Design Systems for Marketing, Commerce, Enterprise/Clinician Software, and Clinical Hardware.

Eko App: UI Toolkit

The primary views of Eko App – the waveform, tele health, exam summary, analysis, and recordings.

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Eko App: Onboarding & Registration

Show and tell of the value proposition for new and existing users.

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Optimizing for E-commerce

We deliver all story-telling in bite-size form, focusing on conversion using highly intentional content. A mobile-first approach to design guided us to favor specific components over others, like side-scrollers vs. stacks and stacks of cards.

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Enhanced Navigation


  • Difficult to find nav
  • Difficult to navigate
  • PDP to Cart drop-offs


  • Persistent, sticky nav
  • Add Search
  • Clear CTA
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Enhanced PDP


  • Lots of content
  • Content hierarchy
  • Variants get lost
  • Cart gets lost


  • Contextual, sticky nav, with variants
  • Bite-size cards vs. Flow-content
  • Above fold experience vs rest of page
  • Provide positive cart addition message
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Enhanced Checkout


  • Difficult to know if item was added
  • Cluttered cart overview
  • Not obvious next step


  • Provide bolder cart feedback
  • Simplify cart page layout
  • Guide user towards checking out
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Enhanced Search


  • No search, and search is parity
  • Product vs. Support vs. Content


  • Search in main nav
  • Search without leaving page
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E-commerce Design Systems

To support the ever-shifting priorities of our global site, we created a component-based architecture that allows us to swap out content and components quickly and re-arrange our page strategies as needed.

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Integrated Campaigns

Our component-based system gives almost endless possibilities for creating campaign landing pages. Using simple A/B testing strategies, we can then rapidly work through initial optimization.

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Eko Health: 2020-22

Role: Head of Design



Brand Design


Lifestyle Imagery

Product Imagery

Eko Team

Kim Granlund

Mike Montgomery

Aaron Oshita

Alex Romero-Wilson

Jason Bellet

External Team

Mitch Tobias

Lucas Saugen

Aaron Goldberg

Chris Bradley

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