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Eko → Creating a category defining brand in cardio-pulmonary disease detection.

Hear clearly. Care confidently.

Eko is an Oakland-based cardio-pulmonary-AI startup that is on a mission to level the playing field against heart and lung disease. By placing a figurative cardiologist in every clinician's pocket, their platform could potentially bring the power of early detection to each exam. By 2019, with FDA clearance, Eko's technology was maturing, and now it was time to build a brand platform to support its growth in enterprise and direct-to-clinician e-commerce.

Brand Identity & Voice

We are scientists. Eko is passionate about understanding and finding better ways to understand the heart. Through thoughtful research and study we are constantly expanding our knowledge.

We are community. Eko is here to care for people in the best way we can—by making cardiac care better for everyone. The foundation of our community may be clinicians, but the patient is at the heart of everything we do.

We are advocates. Eko is focused on providing solutions; we don’t dwell on setbacks. We present clinicians with support and opportunities to elevate their practice, not call out their shortcomings.

We are innovators. Eko is dedicated to supporting clinicians at every step of their practice. We are always looking for new, meaningful ways to share and provide access to the tools we’ve developed.

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Brand Imagery

Our promise to clinicians – Hear clearly. Care confidently. – is always expressed through our photography. Represent the empathy clinicians bring to their work and showcase the many ways Eko fits into clinical settings.

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Product Imagery

So much innovation goes into hardware design, and we wanted to honor that craft in our product photography. Our almost manic obsession with light and shadows produced some very iconic product images.

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Campaigns & Platforms

Front Lines

Front Lines is a documentary series with a mission to bring the work and settings of front-line workers in the US. Outside of the primary hospital systems, there are diverse and exciting ways to deliver care, and we set out to shine a light on some of those stories.In Chester, Pennsylvania, Berwyn Fire Company has been in operation since 1984. It is one of the oldest volunteer-operated fire stations in the US.

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Holiday 2021: The Stethoscope that works as hard as you do

For the 2021 holiday we brought the theme of gift giving to life, positioning Eko stethoscopes as the ultimate gift for clinicians.

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Eko Week 2022

Brand package and design system for our annual team-get-together bringing to life the theme of Sounds, Signals, and Analysis.

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Hear clearly.
Care confidently.

Outline — Building the Eko Brand from the ground up started defining its core values and principles. It quickly scaled to expressing it visually through photography and video, creating design systems for online marketing and commerce, and supporting an eco-system of apps.

Background — Eko was founded at UC Berkeley in 2013 with the mission to build a “smart stethoscope” that would enable 30 million healthcare providers around the world to screen for heart disease with greater accuracy.

Challenges — Creating an iconic category challenger brand with unique value propositions to both clinicians as well as enterprise.


Eko Health: 2020-22

Role: Head of Design / Brand ECD



Brand Design


Lifestyle Imagery

Product Imagery

Eko Team

Kim Granlund

Mike Montgomery

Aaron Oshita

Alex Romero-Wilson

Jason Bellet

External Team

Mitch Tobias

Lucas Saugen

Aaron Goldberg

Chris Bradley

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